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Q:  What Bamboo Fiber Products Can Tenbro Produce And Sell?


As the earliest and most professional bamboo fiber manufacturer in China, Shanghai Tenbro Bamboo Co., Ltd can manufacture and sell bamboo fiber, bamboo yarn, bamboo tops, bamboo filament ,bamboo fabric and bamboo finished products.
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Q: Why Shall Customer Buy Patent Bamboo Fiber Products From Tenbro?


We are the only supplier with patent of bamboo fiber and bamboo fiber downstream products For assuring the benefit of clients, we hope you purchase the products with legal intellectual properties. To those suppliers with fraud intellectual properties or pirating our intellectual properties, we will take legal actions. Also any illegal overseas buyer will be sued.
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Q: Why Can Tenbro Assure Quality Of Products?


Shanghai Tenbro have 8 years production experience of bamboo fiber . Since 1999, we have made a lot of research and development. TENBRO produce bamboo fiber on non-stop basis in our production line so as to keep the quality stability .And our machine is imported machine so that the quality is best.
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Q: Can Tenbro Assure Supply?


After 8 years of research and development, bamboo fiber products of Shanghai Tenbro have become very stable with annual capacity of 30,000ton/year bamboo fiber and 12,000ton bamboo yarn.
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Q: Will Shanghai Tenbro Consider Agency Or Sole Agency Cooperation?


We are welcome any cooperation proposal , please go to CONTACT US and leave your message in the form.
But generally speaking, we prefer to start business first for mutual understanding and then we can decide on agreement for sole agency arrangement later.

Q: Which Countries And Regions Have The TENBRO Bamboo Fiber Products Ever Been Exported?


Our bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber yarn, bamboo face fabric and bamboo finished products have been exported all over the world, including UK, USA, ,Canada, France, Germeny, Australia , Turkey, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Lsiael, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong , Malaysia, Brazil , Spain ,Italy ,Holland ,New Zealand, Argentina, Peru, Portugal, Chile ,Egypt, Mexico , etc.



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